The Controversy of IQ testing

The Controversy of IQ testing

This link shows the good and bad of IQ testing. It is about the races and how black people seemed to have a lower IQ than white people. This can’t be true, it’s just about the people that they surveyed, isn’t it? A theory may be that because it is said that white people have higher IQs than black people it could have been a great component in why black people were treated as the “underclass.” Please read through this article and find your own opinion to comment below.


10 opinions, ideas, facts, questions, pieces of information

  1.       Are we still evolving? I think that we are and always have been. I wonder if we will ever stop.
  2.       What do you think about factory farming? Animals have rights and every day we are stealing those rights away.
  3.       Did you know that 7% of children are child prodigies? I wonder why the percentage is so small.
  4.       Dolphins are used in the military in the United Stated and also in Russia. In Russia the dolphins are not only used to sniff out mines but also to attack scuba-divers.
  5.       What if animals weren’t held in captivity or found ways to escape? Do we need them for reasons other than shipping across the world, using for makeup testing and as pets or is it all for money?
  6.       Did you know that when a mother whale is separated from her calf she makes high frequency sounds that no one has ever heard? It is much higher than the normal sounds she makes when she is with her calf. If they have that capability why do we lower them to the standards of performing shows?
  7.         IQ is associated with some simple abilities. No one with measurable IQ has difficulty deciding which of two lines is longer or whether two pairs of letters are identical. However, in order to perform these simple tasks, a person with an IQ below 70 may need up to five times longer than someone with a higher IQ. The nervous systems of people with lower IQs are simply less efficient.
  8.       Some people think that if you praise your child for being intelligent they will develop intellectual stability sooner. Although, my opinion is that you cannot force your child to do anything they are not ready for, when they are ready than they will show you that they are ready.
  9.       What would our world be like if we didn’t capture animals and use them for our own selfish “needs?”
  10.   Some people choose to praise their pets and treat them like children. This is not healthy in my opinion because it can mislead your pet’s thoughts. What do you think?


This is amazing. I am so happy that someone finally realizes that dolphins don’t always have a smile on their face because they want to.


There must be a reason for that perpetual smile on a dolphin’s face. I have thought about dolphins for a long time now, and I have decided their smile must be attributed to their uninhibited pleasure of life itself—surely I jest.

However, the dolphins’ niche is not bound by fences or borders; it is not limited to mechanical transportation on a highway that lead only to this, that, or the other place. They don’t have to bother with bosses or paychecks; nor do they have to meander through supermarkets or soup lines for a belly-full. God has taken very good care of His beloved dolphins; they live in oceans full of fish, and they can catch their prey with ease. Do Odontocetes use their biological sonar as a stunning device on their prey? There are several observations that lead to the question, “Can Odontocetes debilitate their prey with sound” (Norris…

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The Lies of Sea World

The Lies of Sea World

i just watched this video. It is about two mother daughter duos who were always together, until they were separated. Both calves were taken and forced into a net by the other trainers. The reasons they did this were various, mostly if the calf distracted the mother during a show or disrupted the show all together. after they were in the net they were sent on the truck, driven to the airport and shipped to their ‘new home.’ I think that everyone who was a part of this knew what they were doing and thought that the mother would grieve but thought she would get over it. The mother cried and screamed for her baby, frequencies no one had ever heard before, in no way is this acceptable. Nothing stopped them.

What are the Benefits and Problems of IQ Tests?

My questions is what are the benefits of IQ Tests? I think that there are many things about IQ tests that can be good but also many that can be bad. The thing is i think that iq tests can be very good resources a for how smart you are, in some cases and by certain definitions. IQ tests are good because they show you in specific categories how smart you are and this can be good to know for putting on résumés because to apply for some jobs you need a high IQ. The problems with IQ tests is that they may not always be fair, they test you in specific categories and these categories may not be your strong suits. You could be a genius but have an incredibly low IQ because of how they test you. Also IQ tests, in a way, plan out your life. They show you your special needs areas, your and other things such as what jobs you can/should take. Although IQ test can be good or bad, I am undecided, I would love to know your opinions and reasoning on IQ tests. Please leave a comment below.